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Level of Skill in Tatting Techniques


  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Picots
  • Shuttle joins
  • Lock joins
  • Continuous thread method
  • Shoelace trick
  • Long picots
  • Split rings
  • Magic thread trick
  • Reading patterns and symbols

  • Node stitch
  • Dimpled rings
  • Double and triple picots
  • Mock picots (climbing out)
  • Rings off chains (hanging rings)
  • Beads
  • Block tatting
  • Padded tatting
  • Twisted picots
  • Front side/back side tatting
  • Josephine knot
  • Advanced beading (Beanile style)
  • Downward facing picots
  • Celtic knotted picot

  • Split chains
  • Self-closing mock rings
  • Rolled tatting
  • Interlocking rings
  • Catherine wheel joins
  • Rings off split rings
  • Celtic tatting
  • Bobble tatting
  • Cluny tatting
  • Hanging cluny
  • 3D tatting
  • Multiple row tatting
  • Single shuttle split ring
  • Needle lace filling
  • Form stitch (similar to a cluny leaf but more square in appearance)
  • Multiple shuttles (more than 2)
  • Pearl tatting
  • Wire tatting
  • Square rings
  • Mignonette stitch
  • Half moon split ring

Basic Tatting Kit
  • Some type of Container to hold your Tatting Kit
  • Shuttles (or Needles)
  • Scissors
  • Crochet Hook
  • Frog-Stitch (Un-Tatting) tool
  • Picot Gauges
  • Any other tool you usually use when tatting.

Additional Ideas for the Basic Tatting Kit
  • Magnifying Glass, or cheap reading glasses (for those small threads, especially for frog stitching)
  • some type of intense light (for night-tatting)
  • a white background fabric (like a sheet, for tatting black threads)
  • If you are using beads, a12"x12" piece of Velux so beads won't scatter



Last modified: November 11, 2010.